Math League Champions

The final meet for the Onondaga County Junior High Math League took place on March 3, 2020 at Pine Grove Middle School in East Syracuse. Teams of 7th and 8th graders from 16 local schools competed. Soule Road Middle School earned 1st place for the most correct answers overall. The team members include Madison Ames, Mikhail Kabunov, Kavanagh Kim, Andrew Wadie and Mustafa Abraham.

 Additional honors were also awarded. Kavanagh Kim earned 1st place for the most individual points earned and Andrew Wadie earned 3rd place for individual points earned.

Bottle Drive

The SRM PTO is holding a bottle drive on March 14th from 11am-4pm.  We are looking for 20-30 students to go door-to-door FOR 2 HOURS collecting bottles in Pine Gate and Fairway East.  We will also need parents to help supervise and bring the bottles to the SRM parking lot.

All students and parents who volunteer will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to the Camillus Movie Tavern.  We will raffle off three, $50 gift certificates.  



The bottle drive profits will help fund the Rachel's Challenge program coming to SRM on March 16th.   ALL 7th and 8th grade students will able to attend this excellent program.  All parents and community members are invited to the evening program as well.  Learn more here:

Student  Artwork on Display

AJ. Metrick  was recently honored at the Board of Education to represent  Soule Road Middle with his artwork.

More Soule Road artists are featured at Chuckleberries in Bayberry Plaza.  The show featuring more than 50 pieces, runs through February and March.  

Geography Bee Final Round Contenders

The final school round of the Geo Bee took place on Thursday, January 23 at 9:00am in the library.  The following students qualified to compete: Madison Ames, Reilly Bizgia, Alexander Chuvik,  Brady Fouts,  Jake Gigantelli,  Joesph Gravante, Anika Keysor,  Kavanagh Kim, Tanner Kraus, Taylor McCoy, Ryan Vann. Congratulations to the winner, Brady Fouts who also qualified for the state competition held on March 27 in Albany.

Geography Bee Round 2 

Congratulations to the students who have qualified for ROUND 2 of the National Geographic Geography Bee. Round 2 will take place on Thursday, December 19 during iTime in rooms 109-110.  Good Luck!

Madison Ames

Cam Atichison

Chase Bandy

Sam Benziger

Jazmyn Bethune

Reilly Bizgia

Ethan Brown

Christy Bui

Lulu Capeles

Adam Chajkowski

Aiden Christopher

Alexander Chuvik

Gianna Difulio

Brady Fouts

Jake Gigantelli

Gracie Gimartino

Joe Gravante

Hunter Harrison

Jayden Hemingway

Alivia Horton

Justin James

Avial Johnson

Anika Keysor

Kavanagh Kim

Ethan King

Tanner Kraus

Evan Maddison

Bridget Mahan

Faizam Mazar

Tracy McCormick-Thomas

Taylor McCoy

Bella Melifi

Sam Merrill

Mason Michalski

Julian Miller

Tyler Neske

Sean O'Neil

Mayur Patel

Joshua Perez

Brianna Puccia

Joey Rosario

Joshua Russo

Brady Seymour

Nicholas Sparling

Liam Valentin

Ryan Vann

Alexander Valerio

Kylie Walker

Gabriella Weigelt

Sydney Zingaro


Students of the Month

Congratulations to the following students chosen for January: Ashton Alonzo, Chris Baker, Christy Bui, Alex Chuvik, Maya DeJoy, Sean O'neil, Leah Somes, and Addy Sullivan

Congratulations to the following students of the month for December: Adriana Barry, Ethan Brown, Hunter Eichholz, Gracie Henning,  Logan Johnson, Eva Kairis, Samantha Kraus, Elizabeth Manley, Nick Mendez, and McKenzie Morrow

Congratulations to the following 7th and 8th graders: Maddie Ames, Michael Busko, Jayden Butera, Tyler Grandusky, Mikhail Kabunov, Fiza Mazhar, Mason Michalski, Selah Paulsen and Malik Valentine

8th Grade Award Ceremony

Triple C2

The 8th Grade Academic Awards Ceremony was  held on June 12, 2019. 

Congratulations to the students listed below for their outstanding work at Soule Road Middle. 

Triple C Award Winners--Janet Conklin and Haania Hamad

SPARTAN Award- Christopher Deegan

Steppingstone Scholarship- Haania Hamad

Media Literary Award--Kyle Herrmann  and Jailyn Parrotte

 Summer Horizons Award Winners--Anna Enwright, Erin Folley, and Sophia Jarosz

American Legion Awards-Jordan Branca, Kerry Hunter, George Mikhael, and Kaia Wallingford,

Patriot's Pen Award Winner--Julia King

Geography Bee Top Participants--Jordan Branca, Kayden Musengo, Gabrielle Patterson, Diego Scully Rivera  and school round winner… Nasser Ahmed

Scholastic Artists:  Maddy Leombrone, Han Huyhn, Gabby Patterson

 All County Music Award Winners-- Erin Folley and Jacob Sousou

Presidential Award Winners:

Austin Blanch

Evan Breed

Colin Burns

Connor DiMartino

Erin Folley

Jayden Forde

Haania Hamad

Kyle Herrmann

Kerry Hunter

Sophia Jarosz

Jared Keyes

Julia King

John Morawski

Gabrielle Patterson

Haley Peters

Michelle Rhodes

Emily Santillanes

Hannah Smith

Jacob Sousou

Kyle Sovan

Hunter Thompson

Collin White

Emily Wood

Katherine Wood

Daunte Wright


8R Humanities Warriors--Azam Khan,  Chloe Lalone, Tristen LaForte, Olivia Maturo, Gabby Patterson, and Kyra Williams

 8S Highest Honors ELA and Social Studies- Erin Folley

 8S Warriors ELA-- Brady Durheimer and Breanna Putnam

 8S Warriors Social StudiesAidan Hunter and Emily Santillanes 

Math Highest Honor--Erin Folley and Hayley Peters

Math Warriors--Cole Broughton, Anna Enwright, John Morawski and Megan Moyer

Technology Highest HonorsKatherine Wood

Technology Warriors--Aidan Shepard and Kyle Sovan

Science Highest Honors--Erin Folley and Haania Hamad

Science Warriors--Giselle Campbell, Trinity Howard, Hannah Smith and Tymofy Vasylevskyi

LOTE Highest Honors--Arabella Alejo, Averie Borczuk,  Haania Hamad,Kerry Hunter and Michelle Rhodes

LOTE Warriors--Juliana Barber, Olivia Maturo, Angelina Merulla, Meghan Moyer Catherine Nessel, Joseph Sacco, and Camille Young

Physical Education Highest Honors--Aaron Clouthier and Joseph Sacco

Physical Education Warriors--Alexander Evans, Jailyn Parrotte, Lily Stevens, Gracie Zankowski

FACS Highest Honor--Haania Hamad

FACS Warriors--Noah Brown and Shayleigh Wolfe  

Health Highest Honor--Erin Folley

Health Warriors--Aaron Clouthier andTristen Laforte

Art Highest Honor--Han Huynh

Art Warriors--Kaeleigh Lineberry and Mya Vallat

Band, Orchestra, Chorus Highest Honors-Erin Folley, Mikayla Perry and Victoria Zhuravlev

Chorus Warrior--Hadley Amyot and Charles Goldstein

Band Warriors--Christopher Deegan and Jacob SouSou 

 Orchestra Warrior--Anna Enwright and Katrina DeRycke

Highest Honor  Roll (90+) All Quarters (7-8) 
































































































































Van Denburg














Jazz Musicians Earn Honors

On Thursday, March 7, SRM Jazz Band performed and earned honors at the Oneida Jazz Festival. A part of this Festival included a ranking for each performing group of Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Festival. At this very competitive event, the band received a Silver award for SRMs 'first time attending! The Festival also awarded All Star Awards to a few students in each band. The All Star Awards are made up of a Fantasy Middle School Jazz Band, similar to how a Fantasy Football draft occurs. There were seven middle school bands that performed, Onondaga Hill MS, Eagle Hill MS, Oneida 6th grade, Oneida 7/8, Fonda-Fultonville MS, Perry Jr. High from New Hartford, and SRMS. This all-star band only exists on paper, but if the judges could make an all-star band, the following students demonstration jazz skills that they would want in their ensemble:

2nd Tenor Saxophone - Nick Hope

4th Trumpet - Averie Borczuk

3rd Trombone - Jacob Sousou

Vibes - Zander Marion

Tuba - Matt Smith

Scholastic Art Awards

Congratulations to the following students who had their work selected for honors in the annual Scholastic Art Competition.  Gold Key, Silver Key (2), Honorable Mention: Maddalyn Leombrone; Honorable Mention Han Huynh; Honorable Mention: Gabby Patterson.

Round 1 National Geography Bee Qualifying Students

Congratulations!  Round 2 will take place in rooms 109 and 110 on January 10 during  iTime

Anna Enwrigt, Emily Santiallas, Ashton Vollmer, Alex Evans, Kayden Musengo, John Morawski, Leon Martin, Gabby Patterson, Finn Carroll, Hunter Thompson, Joseph Difulio, Austin Blanch, Jacob SouSou, Julianna Barber , Aiden Hunter, Joy Siebert, Nasser Ahmad, Han Huynh, Evan McCarthy, Olivia Maturo, Diego Scully, Kyle Herrmann, Julia King, Erin Folley, Katherine Wood, Collin White, Jordan Branca, Jake Morton, Sophia Jarosz, Tima Vasylevskyi, Emily Wood, George Mikhael, Conor DiMartino, Adam Chajkowski, Colin Gridley, Justin James, Chase Bandy, Taylor McCoy, Lilian Ali, Jake Gigantelli, Chris Baker, Anika Keysor, Gracie Giamartino, Alex Corey, Tanner Kraus, Kim Kavanagh, Lauren Ragonese, Alexander Chuvik, Chloe LaLond

Students of the Month

Congratulations to the students who were selected and recognized by their teachers for their outstanding  achievements  in academics areas, as well as citizenship, leadership, and character.  

Alex Evans, Joseph Gravante, Sophia Jarosz, Azam Khan, Annina Mannino, Hannah Smith, Elliana Vangelov,  Nicholas Vergara 

Lauren Ragonese, Andrew Wadie, Raameen Husain, Christian Aitchison, Chloe LaLone, Ryan Gublo, Christopher Deegan, Erin Folley

 Tayah Graham-Hanks,  Ashton Murray, Owen Salanger,  Jordan Bush, Jacie Conklin and Jacob Sousou, Nick Hope and Victoria Zhuravlev

Jaiden Silvia,  Gracie Giamartino, Mason Blanford,  Amelia Mullin, Brady Duerheimer,  Emily Wood, Logan Doyle and Anita Selimovic

Jacob Goss, Breanna Barnes, Michael Busko, Isabella Melfi, Isabella Edwards, Jack Hoppe, Meghan Moyer, and Joe Sacco.

Yearbook Includes VIDEO

If you ordered a 2018 yearbook, there's something extra again this year.  Download the free app "HP REVEAL" on your smartphone.  After you create an account, simply search SRM YEARBOOK and follow us.  Then, on page 4, simply hold your phone over each photo, and press the "reader icon" to view videos of the year.  

2018 Academic Award Ceremony

The 8th Grade Academic Awards Ceremony was  held on June 6, 2018. 

Congratulations to the students listed below for their outstanding work at Soule Road Middle. 

fullsizeoutput 2441

 Triple C Award Winners--Gemma Colasanti and Lily Gravante

Media Literary Award--Amari Lamberty and Bennett Robb

 Summer Horizons Award Winners--Gemma Colasanti,  Kailee Mills, Lily Gravante, Tessa Gullo

American Legion Awards-- Ryan Noyes, Eva Woodworth, Drew Tauro, Lizzie McNutt

Patriot's Pen Award Winner--Hera Khan Runners-up: Michaela Pranjovik-Kovac, Olivia Valentine

Math League Award Winners-Nate DeLucia and Gavin Trombley

Geography Bee Top Participants--Josh Coldren, Sam Schaeber (winner), Alex Oates, Timmy Omolino, Bennett Robb

 All County Music Award Winners--Josh Coldren, Nate DeLucia, Mia Sateriale, Molly Sateriale

 Presidential Award Winners--

  • Nate Delucia

  • Tessa Gullo

  • Aidan Maturo

  • Josh Miller

  • Jessica Price

  • Andrew Tauro

  • Olivia Valentine

  • William Balduf

  • Gemma Colasanti

  • Rachel D'Agost

  • Samantha Gallagher

  • Jack Hunter

  • Bianca Nguyen

  • Timothy Omolino

  • Gavin Trombley

  • Eva Woodworth


8R Humanities Highest Honors-  Nate DeLucia and Lily Gravante

8R Humanities Warriors--Crystal Hess, Merissa Oliveri, Mikayla Morrow, Mihaela Pranjovik-Kovac,

8S Highest Honors ELA - Eva Woodworth

8S Highest Honor Social Studies--Jack Hunter, Timmy Omilino

 8S Warriors ELA-- Ellie LaDuc and Aida Halsey

 8S Warriors Social Studies-Ellie Laduc

Math Highest Honor--Timothy Omolino, Nate Delucia

Math Warriors--Emma Lebiedzinski, Dyson Edwards, Kaleigh Buck, Ryan Hagen

Technology Highest Honors- Maggie Tifft

Technology Warriors-- JJ Guindy and Alexander Shubsda

 Science Highest Honors--Gemma Colasanti and Nate DeLucia

Science Warriors--Morgan Kenna, Zach DiRubbo, Dylan Arcaro, Jessica Price

LOTE Highest Honors--Hera Khan, Gemma Colasti, Nate DeLucia, Jack HUnter

LOTE Warriors--Kallie Mills, Timmy Omilino, Grace Monroe, Maggie Tifft, Rachel D'Agostino, Tapanga Raven, Mikayla Avery, Aayan Khan

 Physical Education Highest Honors--Michelle Sacco, Jake Socker, Jalen Graham

Physical Education Warriors--Jack Hunter, Jeremy LaManche, Brianna Dennis

 FACS Highest Honor--Lily Gravante

FACS Warriors--Eliana Angararo, Owen Fritzen

Health Highest Honor--Jake Hunter

Health Warriors--Cameron Cobb, Jack Socker

Art Highest Honor-- Lily Gravante

Art Warriors--Jordan Grosso, Olivia Mendez

Band, Orchestra, Chorus Highest Honors-Nate DeLucia, Aayan Khan, Lily Gravante

Chorus Warrior--Sarah Clark, Alex Shubsta

Band Warriors--Samantha Gallanger, Mia Sateriale

 Orchestra Warrior--Aiden Maturo, Kallie Mills

Highest Honor  Roll (90+) 7-8 

  • Mikayla Avery

  • William Balduf

  • Kaleigh Buck

  • Gemma Colasanti

  • Joshua Coldren

  • Gianpaul Cooper

  • Riley Cooper

  • Rachel D'Agostino

  • Nathaniel DeLucia

  • Cole DenBleyker

  • Briana Dennis

  • Madison Dix

  • Theron (Nolan) Feidt

  • Emily Fenner

  • Abigail Francey

  • Jackson Furr

  • Aiden Gagne

  • Samantha Gallagher

  • Cathrine Gerges

  • Lily Gravante

  • Tessa Gullo

  • Ryan Hagan

  • Adia Halsey

  • Ashley Hardy

  • Crystal Hess

  • Soriah Holmes

  • Jack Hunter

  • Morgan Kenna

  • Ayaan Khan

  • Hera Khan

  • Elizabeth LaDuc

  • Jeremy LaManche

  • Amari Lamberty

  • Emma Lebiedzinski

  • Aidan Maturo

  • Aija McIntyre

  • Elizabeth McNutt

  • Hannah McQuatters

  • Aiden Meyer

  • Joshua Miller

  • Kailee Mills

  • Grace Monroe

  • Mikayla Morrow

  • Bianca Nguyen

  • Ryan Noyes

  • Ethan O'Neil

  • Timothy Omolino

  • Mihaela Pranjkovic-Kovac

  • Jessica Price

  • Gavin Richardson

  • Bennett Robb

  • Michelle Sacco

  • Mia Sateriale

  • Miguel Scully Rivero

  • Skylar Sobolewski

  • Jake Socker

  • Lana Spano

  • Andrew Tauro

  • Margaret Tifft

  • Gavin Trombley

  • Jacob Trombley

  • Olivia Valentine

  • Eva Woodworth

Math League Competition

This year thirteen local schools participated in the Onondaga County Junior High Math League. The first four meets took place at each home school. On March 6, 2018 our school traveled to Durgee Jr. High in Baldwinsville, NY for the final competition. Soule Road Middle School was very successful! Our team earned enough points this season to finish in 3rd place overall. Eighth grader Nate DeLucia earned First Place with the most individual points in the league. We had another eighth grader, Gavin Trombley, earn Second Place for individual points. Congratulations SRM!

Scholastic Art Winners

Congratulations to the following students who had their work selected for honors in the annual Scholastic Art Competition.  Gold Key: Olivia Mendez, Photography (2); Alexis Price, Photography (2). Silver Key: Molly Sateriale, Comic Art. Honorable Mention: Anistasia Gaster, Lily Gravante (2), Raylynn Harp, Olivia Mendez, Alexis Price, Jessica Price.


Congratulations to all who were selected in the Spartan Expectations program!


Movie Gift Card- Courtney Alexander 

T-Shirt- Saraya Alwan, Patricia Young 

Ice Cream-Elliot DeForge , Kerry Hunter , Dyson Edwards , Sophia Jarosz , Sophia Hoy 


Movie Gift Card - Rachel Geyer

T-shirt Winners - Mackenzie Stern, Antonio Gonzalez

Ice Cream - Julian Blandford, Mikayla Perry, Chloe Lalone, Domenique DeRuijter, Ciarra Fox


Movie Gift Card : Courtney Alexander

T-shirt winners:  Haania Hamad, Jordan Grosso

Ice Cream Winners:  Dyson Edwards,  David Debo, Marques Mathes, Scott Grevelding,  Meah Sell


Dyson Edwards - Movie gift card

Scott Grevelding , Eva Woodworth - T-shirts

Saraya Alwan,  Meah Sell, Courtney Alexander , Kyra Williams,  David Debo -Ice Cream


Marques Mathis - Movie gift card

Chris Deegan and Charlie Goldstein -T-Shirts

Saraya Alwan , Cayden Carter , Chris Merrick , Cole Broughton and Sophie Hoy - ice cream


Finn Carroll - movie gift card

Victoria Sochia , Anita Selimovic 

Crystal Hess , Haley Peters,  Matthew Smith,  Angelina Merulla, Arthur Monastra 


Myah Arena - movie gift card

Bella Taylor, Kyle Sovan- shirt

Cameron Quilter, TJ Cyrus ,Thalia Alfred, Meah Sell , Arthur Monastra - ice cream


Yearbook Wins Awards at ESSPA Conference

Members of the Soule Road Middle School Yearbook staff attended the Empire State Scholastic Press Association (ESSPA) annual conference at Syracuse University Newhouse on Friday, November 3.  Students attended sessions covering photography, interviewing, creative writing, and more. The 2016-2017 Steppingstone won the following awards and received another shout-out from the director, Sherri Taylor for continuing to compete (at the high school level) and win a GOLD Best All-Around Yearbook even though we are a middle level yearbook. 

Additional awards included:

GOLD Multimedia Video Cole Zaferaskis

GOLD Academic Section Spread Navroop Kaur

GOLD People Section Coverage 

GOLD People Section Spread

GOLD Sports Section Coverage

GOLD Student Life "Halloween Spread"

GOLD Special Topics "The Election"

GOLD Sports photography Michelle Sacco

SILVER Divider Pages

SILVER Writer's Ink Section Special Topics

SILVER Club/Organization Spread

SILVER Academic Photo Navroop Kaur

SILVER Feature Photograph Makenzie Cahl and Amelia Loop "Triplets"

2017 Literary Magazine now online

Writer’s Ink is a publication of poems written by Soule Road Middle School students.  Each original piece contained in the 2017 issue was selected by a student editorial board based on universal appeal, variety, and format.  Judging was completed anonymously.  The Writer’s Ink Literary Club is open to all students who enjoy reading and writing. View the entire 2017 magazine using the link below

2017 Writer's Ink Literary Magazine

2017 Steppingstone Adds Video

If you ordered a 2017 yearbook, there's something MORE this year.  Download the free app "Aurasma" on your smartphone.  After you create an account, simply search SRM YEARBOOK and follow us.  Then, on designated divider pages, simply hold your phone over the dominant photo, and press the "reader icon" to view video of the section.  


2017 Academic Awards Ceremony

IMG 3969

The 8th Grade Academic Awards Ceremony was  held on June 7, 2017. 

Congratulations to the students listed below for their outstanding work at Soule Road Middle. 


 Triple C Award Winners--Mackenzie Cahl and Miguel Gonzales

Media Literary Award--Gabe DiMeo and Griffin Merkling

ecybermission-- Colin Breed, Mackenzie Cahl, Dillon Crook, Sara Connell, Miguel Gonzales, Ian Hallenbeck, Isak Hurtic, Jenna Irwin, Owen Jarosz, Navroop Kaur, Olivia Keyes, Abigail Kozikoski  , Amelia Loop, Emma Maturo, Caitlynn McVey, Kadence Osborne, Nikhil Patil, Libby Patterson, Samantha Podsiedlik , Evan Prosser, Sophia Russo, Adam Reiter, Caroline Stevens

 Summer Horizons Award Winners--Emma Maturo and Sophia Russo

American Legion Awards-- Sara Connell, Robert Golden, Jake McGowan, Caitlynn McVey

Patriot's Pen Award Winner--Evan Prosser and Kadence Osbourne

Math League Award Winners-Josh Dejoy and Sophia Russo

Geography Bee Top Participants--Peter Bachman, Miguel Gonzales, Ian Hallenbeck, Owen Jarosz, Olivia Keyes, Joseph Pastore, Nikhil Patil, Michael Salina

All County Music Award Winners--Ian Hallenbeck on tuba, Peter Bachman on French Horn, and Matthew Lamson on Timpani.

Presidential Award Winners--Jonathan Aiello,  Malia Azure, Peter Bachman, Jonah Balthazor, Mackenzie Cahl, Josh Dejoy, Kari Flora, Ian Hallenbeck, Isak Hurtic, Navroop Kaur, Connor MacDougall, Emma Maturo, Caitlynn McVey, Sophia Russo, Hayley Saint Amour, Amira Salihovic, Jayson Vann, Sam Walker


8R Humanities Highest Honors-  Jayson Vann and Navroop Kaur

8R Humanities Warriors--Kaia Lisi, Zoe Gilcher, Olivia Keyes, Caroline Stevens

8S Highest Honors ELA -Caitlynn McVey

8S Highest Honor Social Studies--Adam Reiter

 8S Warriors ELA-- Nikeyla St. Andrews and Alejandro Vergara

 8S Warriors Social Studies-Jake Appler and Amira Salihovic

Math Highest Honor--Caitlynn McVey, Peter Bachman

Math Warriors--Jacob Chajkowski, Ian Depan, Riley Norris, and Sydney Vanterpool

Technology Highest Honors- Miguel Gonzales

Technology Warriors-- Noah Smith and Olivia Vangelov

 Science Highest Honors--Peter Bachman and Caitlynn McVey

Science Warriors--Kendall Henning, Michaela Burt, Abby Kozikowski, and Sophia Russo

LOTE Highest Honors--Sara Connell, Josh DeJoy, Caitlynn McVey, and Sophia Russo

LOTE Warriors--Evan Buda, Mackenzie Cahl, Lexi Carfi, Noah Clay, Amanda Dwyer, Kendra Hall, Alaysia Patterson, and  Adam Reiter

 Physical Education Highest Honors--Josh DeJoy and Liam MacIntosh

Physical Education Warriors--Jake Appler , Jacob Chajkowski, Libby King and Alisanna Spatola

 FACS Highest Honor--Olivia Keyes

FACS Warriors--Dante Cassella and Haley Newman

Health Highest Honor--Kendra Hall

Health Warriors--Jenna Abdelaziz and Adam Reiter

Art Highest Honor-- Evie Osborne

Art Warriors--Kennedy Laylon, Irene Leung, Kadence Osbourne

Band, Orchestra, Chorus Highest Honors-Kari Flora (band), Avery Blowers (orchestra), and Jenna Irwin (chorus)

Chorus Warrior--Trey Bigness and Libby KIng

Band Warriors--Connor MacDougall and Hayley Saint Amour

 Orchestra Warrior--Sam Podsiedlik and Bella Rotundo

90+Honor Roll grades 7-8

Abdelaziz Jenna
Aiello Jonathan
Andrejko John
Appler Jake
Azure Malia
Bachman Peter
Balthazor Jonah
Blowers Avery
Breed Colin
Buda Evan
Burt Michaela
Buza Gavin
Cahl Mackenzie
Carfi Alexis
Chajkowski Jacob
Chuvik Mykhailo
Clay Noah
Connell Sara
Conroy Lily
Crook Dillon
DeJoy Joshua
DiMeo Gabriel
Dowdell Destiny
Dwyer Amanda
Fanto Vanessa
Flora Kari
Gilcher Eric
Gingrich Lily
Goetzke Emma
Golden Robert
Gonzales Miguel
Haggett Zachary
Hall Kendra
Hallenbeck Ian
Hart Dominic
Hurtic Isak
Ianno Christopher
Irwin Jenna
Jarosz Owen
Kaur Navroop
Keyes Olivia
King Libby
Kozikoski Abigail
Lamson Matthew
Larca Magdalena
Leung Irene
Loop Amelia
MacDougall Connor
Maturo Emma
McClain Brayden
McGowan Jake
McVey Caitlynn
Merkling Griffin
Norris Riley
NunnoNorod Kyle
Osborne Evelyn
Osborne Kadence
Parrott Renee
Patil Nikhil
Patterson Elizabeth
Podsiedlik Samantha
Prosser Evan
Reiter Adam
Reynolds Margaret
Rodriguez Carter
Ronan Jake
Root Hannah
Russo Sophia
Saint Amour Hayley
Salihovic Amira
Salinas Michael
Santillanes Allison
Stevens Caroline
Temelkovski Daniel
Vangelov Olivia
Vann Jayson
Vergara Alejandro
Vollmer Addison
Walker Samantha
Ward Corinne


Patriot's Pen Contest Winners 

The winners of the annual Patriot's Pen essay contest have been announced.  The theme of the 2016-2107 contest was "The America I Believe In."  Evan Prosser, 8th grader, won the first place cash award of $50.  Runners up, Kadence Osborne and Michelle Sacco each earned a $25 cash prize.  

Shown in the picture are VFW Chaplain John Grom, Kadence Osborne, Michelle Sacco, Evan Prosser, and Service Officer Jerry Lepinske.

Math League Wins!

Fifteen schools  and 75 students from Onondaga County recently participated in an exciting math league competition held at Chestnut Hill Middle School.  SRM brought the leagues top scorers to the meet held on March 7.  In the 7th grade division, Gavin Trombley and Olivia Valentine tied for 2nd place. Sophia Russo and Josh DeJoy tied for third place in the 8th grade division.

Help Support SRM!

All this weekend (March 3-4-6),  the SRM PTO will sponsor a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings on Circle Drive, Cicero (click the flyer at the bottom of this page). If you need a quick lunch or dinner  or just need an excuse not to cook, please come out to support the PTO. 


National Geography Bee Winner

bee logo4The final school round of the National Geography Bee was held on January 31.  Congratulations to Sam Schaeber who will compete for a chance to represent students from New York State.




One School, One Book School-wide Event

 In February, SRM will be embarking on a special project called, One School, One Book, an all-school book club. The One School, One Book Program is in place throughout the country, with the fundamental purpose being “building a community of readers” through a shared reading experience. Everyone – students, parents, teachers, even support staff – will be participating, and we can all benefit from this project.

 Parents are critical participants in the program, too!  During our kick-off event from 6:30-8pm on February 2nd,  we are asked for parents to join the fun by participating in a  scavenger hunt at SRM (the hunt and puzzle will took approximately 40 min) .  Upon arrival, parents and children worked through a series of questions, received pieces of a puzzle and worked towards discovering the book title.  At the end of the evening, each child received a copy of the selected book.  Students unable to attend received their copy of the book in homeroom.

Each day/evening (Monday through Friday) your child will be asked to read a designated section of the book (approximately 10 pages a night). In school, your child will be invited to answer trivia questions to encourage and reward attentive voracious reading. We have selected a title that can be understood and enjoyed by our 7th grade students, but will also still captivate and stimulate our 8th grade students. Throughout February, everyone will be talking about the same book!


Scholastic Art Awards Announced

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the Scholastic Art Competition:

Gold medal   Ellie LaDuc 7th grade  "Through the Window"

Silver Medal  Lily Gravante  7th Grade "Mayan Masterpiece"

Silver Medal  Maddie Smith 8th Grade "What next?"

Honorable Mention  Kadie Osborne 8th Grade "A Sudden Darkness"

The Scholastic Art Award Show

  • The Central New York (CNY) region, sponsored by the~M&T Charitable Foundation, has conducted an annual Scholastic Art Awards program for more than 70 years.~Our region covers a very large geographic area ñ 13 counties and almost 400 eligible schools in CNY.We have called Onondaga Community College our home since 2000. Each year we adjudicate over 5,000 pieces of art from about 200 teachers and between 80 to 100 individual schools, making our program one of the largest in the country.~We draw entries from across our region, not just the immediate Syracuse area. More than 70 professional artists, educators and photographers select award winners during the judging process. We present over 1,300 awards each year, and those winning pieces and portfolios will be on display throughout the Whitney Applied Technology Center at Onondaga Community College for 5-6 weeks following our award ceremony.  The show is open to the public January 13- March 3.
  • This year  the following students submitted entries in painting, ceramic sculpture, comic art, multimedia, and photography.
  • Ellie LaDuc               
  • Kady Osborne 
  • Evie Osborne           
  • Jessica Price 
  • Caroline Stevens       
  • Maddy Smith
  •  Faith Merrill                 
  • Johanna Woellert   
  • Abby Proskunko         
  • Lily Gravante              
  • Kennedy Laylon          
  • Lily Gingrich 

TOP Geo Bee Participants Announced

FullSizeRenderCongratulations to the students who have qualified for the final round of the National Geography Bee.   Students will compete for the top spot on January 31 starting at 2:15 in the multimedia room.  Parents and grandparents are invited to attend.


Miguel Gonzales

Nikhil Patil

Michael Salinas

Joey Pastore

Olivia Keyes

Peter Bachman

Ian Hallenbeck

Sam Shaeber

Owen Jarosz

Joshua Coldren

Nolan Feidt

Gemma  Colasanti

SPARTANS of the Month

Congratulations to all who were selected in the Spartan Expectations program!


Navroop Kaur, Sara Connell, Nicky Stevens, Nikhil Patil, Manuel Gonzalez, Anthony Haskins Bruce, Andrew McTomney, and Gabby Forester were awarded prizes ranging from ice cream, T-shirts, and a movie pass for demonstrating "success" throughout October.


A= Accountable

Adrian Marzullo, Kari Flora, Martin Johnson, Crystal Hess, Mackenzie Cahl, Aiden Maturo, Amira Salihovic, Arkady Valdez

R= Respect 

Emily Fenner, Ashley Kurz, David Sullivan, Antonio Gonzalez, Tristan Barber, Aidan Carroll, Julianna Herzog, Terrence Nichols


Jenna Abdelaziz, Arthur Monastra, Lily Conroy, Jackson Furr, Sonia Burgos, Evelyn Osborne, Gavin Richardson

A= Ambition

Nikyela St. Andrews, Mikayla Anguish,  Aija McIntyre,  Michelle Sacco, Miguel Gonzales, Aiden Meyer, Annie Gaster, Maggie Tifft

N= Noble

Patti Young, Libby King, Skylar Soboleski, Sam Walker, Casey Hughes, Navroop Kaur, Kendra Hall, Nate DeLucia

SRM Moe's Fundraiser

Let the SRM PTO help you get back in the swing of the school week with an easy take-out meal from Moe's on Oswego Road tomorrow evening, January 4th. The SRM PTO will earn 15% of all sales when patrons present the flier at the bottom of this page to the cashier. Please come out January 4th  from 5:00-8:00 p.m. to support SRM.

SRM Barnes and Noble Bookfair 

Books make great holiday gifts! Print the voucher at the bottom of this page to help raise funds for the SRM PTO from December 10-17.  Simply present it at the time of purchase at Barnes and Noble Rt 31 and a percentage of you sale will benefit SRM.


SRM Holds Presidential Election

new winner

On Monday, November 7, students placed their votes for the 2016 Presidential Election. Students voted by busing districts.

Hillary Clinton won the election with 63% of the vote with Donald Trump garnering  37% of the student vote.

Results by district:

District A-- Clinton 67%   Trump 33%

District B-- Clinton 71%   Trump 29%

District C-- Clinton 55%   Trump  45%

District D --Clinton 57%   Trump 43%

District E -- Clinton 67%   Trump 33%

Yearbook Wins Awards


Members of the Soule Road Middle School Yearbook staff attended the Empire State Scholastic Press Association (ESSPA) annual conference at Syracuse University Newhouse on Friday, October 28.  Students attended sessions covering photography, interviewing, creative writing, and more. The 2015-2016 Steppingstone won the following awards and received a really nice shout-out from the director, Sherri Taylor for continuing to compete (at the high school level) and win a GOLD Best All-Around Yearbook even though we are a middle level yearbook. 

Additional awards included:

GOLD Theme Presentation

GOLD Divider Pages Design

GOLD People Section Coverage

GOLD Special Topic Coverage

GOLD Feature Photograph by Ashley Kurz

SILVER Sports Coverage

SILVER Sports Photography

SILVER Club/Organization Spread

SILVER Cover Design

Marching Band Competes 

  • On Friday, September 30th, the Warriors Marching Band traveled to Annapolis, MD to compete in the USMC Marching Band Invitational sponsored by US Bands.  This was an outstanding opportunity for the marching band students to represent the Liverpool CSD and community on a national level.
  • SRM Students who participated were:
    • Ian Hallenbeck
    • Matt Lamson
    • McKenzie Stone
    • Eric Szczesniak
    • Anthony Bentley
    • Dante Cassella
    • Kari Flora
    • Kishawn Harris
    • Connor MacDougall
    • Kyle NunnoNorod
    • Zach Phipps
    • Hayley Saint Amour
    • Maddison Smith
    • Alisanna Spatola
    • Grace Wilmer
    • Joshua Coldren
    • Ellie LaDuc

Check out some of our  activities from the 2015-2016 school year...

2016 Academic Awards Ceremony


The 8th Grade Academic Awards Ceremony was  held on June 8, 2016. 

Congratulations to the students listed below for their outstanding work at Soule Road Middle. 


Triple C Award Winners--Allia Keysor and Jenna Schulz

Media Literary Award--Jakob Bradley and Rosie Petrella

Exploravison-- Allia Keysor, Emma Radel, Haley Dukat, Kelly Mahan, Nora McConnell, Priya Duraisamy

Summer Horizons Award Winners--Kaitlyn Blanch and Kelly Mahan

American Legion Awards-- Alex Faber, David Wadie, Chloe Grant and Joshua Young

Patriot's Pen Award Winner--Abby Brancato

Geography Bee Top Participants--Kaleb Trombley, Payton Furr, Rosie DenBleyker, James Murphy, Derek Zurenda, Gurcharan Grewal, Braelin Kuhn, LeAnne Stanley, Natalie Petit

All County Music Award Winners--Emily Hoy, Shannon Toomey, Jakob Bradley

Presidential Award Winners--Elise Dougherty, Anthony Fay, Allia Keysor, Kelly Mahan, Nora McConnell, James Murphy, Jack Pento, Matthew Salweski, Dominick Scro, LeAnne Stanley, David Wadie


8R Humanities Highest Honors-  Kaitlyn Bowers and Jenna Schulz

8R Humanities Warriors--Rosie Denbleyker, Erin McCarthy, Lilly Trach and Cameryn Lucia

8S Highest Honors ELA and Social Studies--Kelly Mahan

8S Warriors ELA-- Kyle Caves and Emma Radel

8S Warriors Social Studies--Aaron Burke and Kameron Weber

Math Highest Honor--Kelly Mahan and Emily Salanger

Math Warriors--Nina Strom, Uri Grabovvy, Dom Scro, and Franki Rey

Technology Highest Honors- Jacob Ianno

Technology Warriors--Rosie DenBleyker and Curt Merrick

 Science Highest Honors--Emily Salanger and Kelly Mahan

Science Warriors--Sierra Bailey, Jim Dumas, Matthew Salewski, and Lillith Holmes

LOTE Highest Honors--Emily Hoy, Payton Furr, Allia Keysor, Kelly Mahan, Chloe Grant

LOTE Warriors--Ashley Casson, Erin Putnam, Lea Prusinowski, Caleb Arnold,  Rosie Petrella, Marissa Hoxie, Erica Adsiyt, Michelle Lonczak, Will Allen,  and Kaitlyn Blanch

Physical Education Highest Honors--Gurcharan Grewal and Jack Pento

Physical Education Warriors--Kelly Mahan, Uri Grabovvy, Jenna Schulz and Kyle Caves

FACS Highest Honor--Nora McConnell

FACS Warriors--Johnny Bill and Lea Prusinowski

Health Highest Honor--Braelin Kuhn

Health Warriors--Haley Delia and Jakob Bradley

Art Highest Honor-- Shannon Toomey

Art Warriors--Mia Spano and Lillith Holmes

Band, Orchestra, Chorus Highest Honors-Kelly Mahan,  Gurcharan Grewal ,and Kaitlyn Bowers

Chorus Warrior--Chloe Grant and Kyra Finely

Band Warriors--Anna Dwyer and Mykenzii Kline

Orchestra Warrior--Ryan Dewan and Allia Keysor

Make It Count Awards

Congratulations to the students who have demonstrated "Friendliness" this year:

  •  Mia Spano 
  • Dom Fico
  • Ryan Dewan
  • Haley Dukat
  • Caroline Stevens
  • Rocco Zello
  • Wyatt Marsh
  • Emma Goetzke
  • Kyra Finley
  • Dante Cassella

Congratulations to the students who have demonstrated "Diligence" this year:

Kadance Osborne,   Evelyn Osborne , Zachary Haggett,  Evan Prosser,   Sara Connel,l  Jason Baycura,  Jalyn McGuinness, Jesse Hartwell, Alex Faber,  Lillith Holmes,  Victoria Fenner,  Ben Hemmers,  Kari Flora,  Aidan Noyes,  Mackenzie Cahl,  Noah Clay

Career Expo

On March 3 professionals from the community visited SRM to share their expertise.  The Career Expo was designed to expose students to a variety of careers  and provide valuable information on how to acquire the ideal work ethic to not only get a desired job, but to keep it.  Presentations included careers as engineers, architects, musicians, police officers, firefighters, sports management, yoga instructors, sales, and more.  A panel of 8th graders and SRM alumni also spoke about getting ready for the grades ahead. Syracuse University mascot "Otto the Orange" also made a special appearance and had some wise words about college life.

Women in STEM Careers

On Wednesday, February 3,  several 8th and 9th girls participated in the Women in STEM Careers event organized by the CNY STEM Network and sponsored by the Syracuse Research Corporation.  The event  encouraged girls to consider a career in a STEM field since local businesses are in need of a strong STEM workforce and women in these fields are underrepresented.  The students from SRM and LHX participated in a number of activities including a tower building competition.  Students toured the radar production unit and participated in a question and answer session with women professionals in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Scholastic Art Awards

Scholastics students from Soule Road Middle who were selected winning awards include 8th graders Mia Anthony  (Honorable Mention  Photography) “Leaflet,” Sara Wiley (Silver Key Award) Ceramics “Natures Best,” and Toni Williams  (Silver Key) Award  “Firefly Night.”

            All winning artwork will be exhibited in the  Whitney Applied Technology Center at Onondaga Community College. The exhibition will be open to the public from Friday, January 15, 2016 through Friday,   26, 2016.

            The  Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. The Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to identify students with exceptional artistic and literary talent and present their remarkable work to the world through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Through the Awards, students receive opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication, and scholarships. Students across America submitted 300,000 original works during our 2015 program year across 28 different categories of art and writing.

Top Geography Bee Participants Announced

bee logo4

Congratulations to Owen Jarosz and the following students who  moved to the Final School Oral Round of the National Geography Bee  held on January 26.  

Ian Hallenbeck

Natalie Petit

Payton Furr

James Murphy

Gurcharan Grewal

LeAnne Stanley

Braelin Kuhn

Kaleb Trombley

Rosie Denbleyker

Derek Zurenda

Make It Count  Awards 

Congratulations to the students displaying outstanding Generosity:

  • Will Allen
  • Cameryn Lucia
  •  Sarah Watkins
  • Decklin Menickelly
  •  Nathan Smith
  •  Samantha Podsiedlik
  •  Caleb Arnold 
  •  Lily Conroy
  • Jacob Chajkowski 
  •  Trey Bigness

Students Visit SU Art Department

Nationally known Ceramicist Margie Hughto , a landscape artist in clay recently shared her perspective and work ethic with high school and middle school students in a collaborative project. Students created “landscape” relief platters using bas relief, and color techniques from this inspirational artist.
 A nature theme is planned and work is to be created at Syracuse University Arts with Margie Hughto, Susan Sapareto and Emily Dusart.

The ceramic pieces from this workshop will be displayed in March at the Café 407 in Liverpool.  

View the slideshow from this evident by clicking HERE

8S Community Service

Earlier this school year, members of Soule Road Middle’s 8S Team read an article from The Post-Standard that said half of Syracuse children live in poverty. While the article cited census numbers, SRM 8S social studies teacher Renae Piano brought those numbers to life by sharing what she learned last summer as one of the principals for the BOCES Regional Summer School in North Syracuse. There she had the opportunity to meet Dr. King Elementary kindergarten teacher Renee Valerino, who was completing her administrative internship. Both teachers shared stories about their teaching experiences, and one in particular stood out for Piano. Valerino said that she and her colleagues provide their students with small gifts during the holiday season, noting that for some those presents were the only ones they would receive. Soon after hearing the stories, Piano’s fellow SRM 8S teachers - math teacher Brad MacDuff, science teacher Ann Marie Schulz and English teacher Jennifer Stein - pitched the idea of adopting a school this holiday season and the eighth-graders were eager to help. After thinking about multiple ways to help, the SRM eighth-graders decided to hold a toy drive for the kindergartners at Dr. King Elementary. Students could purchase a new toy (not to exceed $10) or donate gently used items. SRM faculty and staff members also helped by providing gifts, wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, tape and even cardboard boxes.Once all the toys were collected, the students designed greeting cards and wrapped the donated presents. On December 21, a group of SRM eighth-graders traveled to Dr. King Elementary where they met the kindergartners, distributed presents, and completed a craft with the younger students.

Make It Count Award Winners

make it count

Congratulations to the Self-Starters:

  • Caitlynn McVey
  •  Adam Reiter
  •  Abby Rowell
  •  Decklin Menickelly
  •  Alejandro Vergara 
  •   Abby Brancato
  •   Dominick Scro
  •   Jayson Vann
  •   Navroop Kaur

SRM Yearbook Wins Awards

The 2015 Yearbook won an Overall GOLD award at the annual Empire Scholastic Press Association (ESSPA) Conference held at Syracuse University on October 30.  In addition, awards were issued for The Steppingstone in the following categories:

 GOLD: Sports Section

GOLD: Special Topic Coverage

GOLD:  Theme Presenattion

SILVER: Sports Photography

SILVER;  Cover design

Cole Zaferaskis:  GOLD AWARD for Divider Photography

Gabby Galanti and Eleni Ioanndis: GOLD AWARD People Section Spread

Taylor Koennecke; SILVER Feature Photograph

Jazlyn Lorenzo and Zora Spence: BRONZE Special Topic Spread

Marching Band Participates in Championships at the Dome

The  Liverpool Marching Warriors participated in the New York State Field Band Championships at the Carrier Dome. This completed a wonderful  season with a fourth place finish and a final score of 92.9! Not only were our students fourth overall in the national class, but out of the 50+ bands that competed, they posted the 4th highest score of the entire competition!

 Congratulations to these fine young ladies and gentlemen- 

Mia Spano, Beth Kronyak, Kassie Wiech, Shannon Toomey, Ryan Wilhelm, NIck Deegan, Jimmy Dumas, Kelly Mahan, Nathan Smith


Students May Join the following:

Art Club

French Club

Math League

Ski Club

Student Council


Writer's Ink

2015 Academic Awards Ceremony

The 8th Grade Academic Awards Ceremony was  held on June 10, 2015. Congratulations to the students listed below for their outstanding work at Soule Road Middle. 

Triple C Award Winners--Gabby Galanti and Victoria Wilmer

Media Literary Award--Zack Salmon and Cole Zaferaskis

Project Engage Award Winner--Emily Lawton

Summer Horizons Award Winner--Chris Leonard

Heritage Culture Connection Award--Vivicia Burdick

American Legion Awards-- Hannah Baycura, Matt Brady,  Peyton Soblewski, Maddie Sopchak

Patriot's Pen Award Winners--Bella DiMeo, Taylor Koennecke, Juia Dowling

American Women's Pen Award Winners--Katie Sheerin, Lexi Emmi, Lily Allen, Maddy King

Geography Bee Winner--Josh Woodworth

Math League Trophy--Cameron Cretaro

All County Music Award Winners--Corinne Pelky, Sal Saunders, Johnny Cogiolia, Nico DeLucia, Katie Sheerin, Evelyn LaManche

Presidential Award Winners--Ryan Blowers, Camryn Chaffee, Alyssa Chasse, Samantha Clark, John Coggiola, Ian Conroy, Cameron Cretaro, Patrick Davidson, Paul Dewan, Annelise Francey, Erica Gibbs, Nathan Griffin, Olivia Harding, Andrea Hoare, Eleni Ioannidis, Kayla Jones, Katherine LaDuc, Christopher Leonard, Zachary Salmon, Sarah Sedlock, Katie Sheerin, Peyton Sobolewski, Colleen Tifft, Cole Zaferakis

Honor Roll (7 quarters 90 or above)


8R Humanities Highest Honors-  Emily Lawton, Eleni Ioannidis

8R Humanities Warriors--Katie Sheerin, Sarah Sedlock, Marissa Roux, Erica Gibbs

8S Highest Honors ELA and Social Studies--Paul Dewan

8S Warriors ELA-- Patrick Davidson, Andrea Hoare

8S Warriors Social Studies--Alexandra Delmonico, Sal Saunders

Math Highest Honor--Sarah Sedlock, Paul Dewan

Math Warriors--Colleen Tifft, Maddy Charles, Mike Destefano, Maryam Bibi

Technology Highest Honors- Lindsey Toper, Sam Clark

Technology Warriors--Kristina Phan, Evan Crook, Taylor Koennecke, Antwan Kelly

 Science Highest Honors--Julia Dowling, Paul Dewan

Science Warriors--Stephen Taskovski, Afnan Khan, Erica Gibbs, Delaney Guard

LOTE Highest Honors--Gabby Gagnon, Emily Lawton, Olivia Russo, Alyssa Chasse

LOTE Warriors--Lauren Fradette, Ryan Stillwell, Eleni Ioannidis, Ryan Day, Jena Carpenter, Kayla Jones, Owen Dann, Nick Brancato

Physical Education Highest Honors--Lindsey Toper, Paul Dewan

Physical Education Warriors--Earl Bynoe, Evelyn Lamanche, Ryan Day

FACS Highest Honor--Eleni Ioannidis,  Olivia Harding

FACS Warriors--Connor McLain, Katie Fleming, Josh Woodworth, Reilly Wolf

Health Highest Honor--Alyssa Chasse

Health Warriors--Tyler Leatherwood, Cam Cretaro

Art Highest Honor--Tatiana Britton

Art Warriors--Victoria Wilhmer, Mike DeStefano

Band, Orchestra, Chorus Highest Honors-Evelyn Lamanche, Julia Dowling, Eleni Ioannidis, Katie Sheerin

Chorus Warrior--Gabby Galanti

Band Warriors--Annelise Francey, Maddy King

Orchestra Warrior--Josh Woodworth




SRM Make It Count Awards

June "Creativity" Students

For the 8R Team -        Marissa Roux and Cole Zaferakis

For the 7R Team -        Madilynn Seymour and Sara Wiley

For the 8S Team -        Annelise Francey and Katherine LaDuc

For the 7S Team-         Peter Hermann and Chloe Grant

 For Encore:                  Alyssa Chasse and Patrick Davidson;   Andrew Rawda and Kassandra Wiech

February "Reliable" Students:

8R        Gabriella Galanti         R.J. Cyr

8S        Nathan Griffith        Brigid Radel

7R        Justin Taub              Emily Salanger

7S        Ryan Dewan              Brie Debord  

Encore    Kaylee West

November "Self-Starters"

8R    Nathan Reeves and  Maddy Sopchak
8S    Olivia Harding and Tyler Leatherwood
7R   Ryan Wilhelm and Cameryn Lucia
7S  Allia Keysor and Jack Pento


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